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Translation to non-Australian followers: Basically our Mitt Romney just won

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survival guide to living under an abbott government



  1. be white
  2. be rich
  3. be heterosexual
  4. and a male
  5. hate brown people
  6. that’s literally it

i feel so god damn sad


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Since when did white people become the spokespeople for identity politics? Apparently I’m not allowed to be angry at cultural appropriation because it’s a ‘non-issue’/in no way linked to ‘real’ institutionalised racism and POCs can’t ‘own a culture’ (yet, ‘acting’ black/white/asian/whatever is totally a thing people in those ethnic groups do - do people not know how to differentiate between cultural history and oversimplified racial stereotypes?!)? Also, apparently relating these opinions to my own experiences with racism are invalid and ‘dumb’ because I don’t look like an ethnic minority?!

I’m pretty sure the entire fucking argument I just had tonight, i.e. where a bunch of white people with no credentials felt that it was their position to define racism to a person who clearly has a DIRECT UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT RACISM ACTUALLY IS is pretty symptomatic of white privilege in itself (and thus, validating where I stand on the issue). But what would I know right, clearly I’m too fixated on getting my panties in a twist over Miley Cyrus wanting her music to have a ‘black’ sound to recognise the real issues here.

Fucking whitesplainers. Fuck anyone who believes that mocking marginalised cultures and supporting barriers that exclude racial minorities from participating in society are mutually exclusive things.


im only gay because i forgot to say no homo

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held a door open for a girl today and didn’t even get a blowjob. so tired of getting friend zoned.

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daphne groeneveld photograped by eric guillemain


Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

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If you can’t handle being called a misogynist, close your mouth, simple, or stop degrading women for their sexual choices, it’s not any of your business anyway

haha, yes this one
giving NME the Banks death stare